Truth Does Not Always Relate To Popularity

It often appears that it is far too convenient for many individuals to substitute the popular view or action for the truth. However, the reality is that truth does not rely on the masses either understanding or accepting its veracity, but rather is based solely on whether or not it is true and factual. Richard Bach put it this way, “Not being known doesn’t stop the truth from being true.”

1. Most of us have heard the statement, “You can’t handle the truth.” However, there is far more involved than simply someone being able to come to terms with the frank realities and truths, but it also requires understanding that facing the truth often means expanding one’s viewpoints and considering alternatives, without automatically discounting them. In my over thirty years of training leaders, as well as conducting hundreds of self improvement programs and seminars, I have constantly been astounded, and somewhat disappointed, that so many people seem to feel that truth is what most people deem it to be. For example, in leadership, many people seem to believe that a major factor for effective leaders is the ability to be a superior orator. However, while being a good speaker is often important, the truth is that the content of what one says is far more important, in the long run, than the outward performance. Is a good performance helpful? Usually, no doubt it is, but a great speech given without believability, consistently, or a compelling message, pales in comparison to a merely adequate performance that contains those key ingredients. Our most charismatic and effective leaders have always been those with open minds, who sees possibilities that others fail to see.

2. Many centuries ago, it was considered the truth that the world was flat. No one had ever sailed around the world, and few had the foresight to understand that our world was not simply one- dimensional. As the early explorers discovered, the truth was the truth, regardless of what the common beliefs were.

3. In over three decades of professionally negotiating, organizing, planning and producing hundreds of events, I have often witnessed the tremendous difference between common beliefs, and the truth. Very often, I have been told that something had to be done in a specific manner, and that it was the only way to do it, “because that’s the way we’ve always done it.” While it may have been true that it was the way it was always done, that did not mean there were not many additional alternatives to consider.

Don’t get trapped by what others tell you is the truth. Keep an open mind, investigate alternative, and discover your own!

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