Seizing Opportunities and Selfish Opportunism

A lot of people look at successful businessmen who do charity work, pay their bills and pay their dues in a negative way, stressing that they used opportunities to rise up in ranks to reach the spot where they are at. Some people claim they have done grim deeds to reach the spot where they are at and others will simply claim that the opportunities they used were wrong, as well as their methods.

No matter what the mean is, using an opportunity is never a bad thing. You might be offered a position of someone who just got fired because your boss simply did not like them. Are you going to say no?

If you stand in opposition of your boss’ decision, then you might as well prepare your resignation papers and hand them in, in protest for what your boss have done with no justice but if the decision was correct, if that person has lost their touch and they were asked to resign and you refused to take their place, then you are doing yourself a horrible deed because someone else along the way will accept the position you have always dreamed of.

There is a major difference between seizing an opportunity and lying or trapping someone in a position where you take their place. An opportunist would wait for the opening where they might get something for half the price just because the owner of that object needs the money for a surgery or whatnot. Someone who seizes the opportunity would wait until they want to sell that thing and offer a price for it, but not strike at the time of need.

As it was mentioned above, there is a major difference between seizing an opportunity and being opportunist. That major difference is simply the placement of one’s morals and morals change from one person to the other, depending on their nature and their needs. There are many businessmen and politicians who did are not opportunists yet they would get what they want on the long run because of their decency and their praised reputation. Chances come for people and the chances that one creates are not always bad, although some of those are chances that are built and entirely based on deception and using one’s needs in order to achieve a victory or a success.

It’s the same thing as blackmail. There is no decency in blackmailing someone for something that they have done, whether it was a mistake or an accident or something that they have done in the past.

When you want to compare politicians, you look for their decency and reputation, based on what you know, read and hear of them. Decency creates good reputation. If you are one who swears a lot and uses people as scapegoats then you are going to have a bad reputation, of course.

So, the major difference between seizing an opportunity and opportunism is the decency that separates them. Having morals, whether they were personal, religious or cultural is a very important thing.

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