Find Out How to Stop Being Jealous

When someone is experiencing a feeling of resentment toward another person gaining something they wish they had, they are experiencing jealousy. It is a fear of losing something or someone to a person they feel is a type of component. It is not always a bad thing to feel jealousy; it is just how the jealousy is driven. When someone is lying to your child, there is a protective type of jealousy where the parent will protect their child or if someone is seducing your spouse, you will experience jealousy and you will fight for your marriage. This is a healthy form of jealousy. If your jealousy is driven by fear, insecurity or deception is when it becomes unhealthy.

There are reasons why someone should learn how to stop being jealous. They do not want your life to be filled with confusion, bitterness, worthlessness and disorder. They will soon lose friends and family may avoid them. They will find themselves isolated, which could only make them feel worse about themselves than they already do.

When someone has these sensations of jealousy, they may want to look at their own life. Do they have a life? Do they have low self-esteem? They may need to do some soul searching before they can start to identify and control their jealousy. Soon how to stop being jealous will come naturally.

Talk: It is important not to keep things inside. Talking to someone you trust, can help you because it is like venting; you feel better when you vent. Talking to a therapist can also help, maybe more so than a friend because they do not know you so they will offer biased advice.

Love Yourself: Do not forget about yourself. Maybe you need to buy something for you or join a club, but do something positive for yourself.

Go out with your spouse: If you are in a relationship, you may need to take time out, once a week to just do something with each other. See a movie, go out to dinner, meet up with other couples but keep the communication open with one another.

Be your own best friend: When your child or friend/family talks down negatively, you would tell them to stop. Tell yourself to stop also. This may be the hardest part but you need to consciously tell yourself stop and make yourself think about something else. The more you do this, the easier it will be and soon you will find yourself not caring about what others have and loving what you have. You can learn how to stop being jealous and start living a better life for you.

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